The steak that you baked yourself was extraordinary.

The steak that you baked yourself was extraordinary. At that time, I was very hungry, I also had two friendly friends with whom, I drank a lot of beer and I enjoyed a lot. It was a weekend, when I found a door with a countryside downtown where there was little popularity, I was curious and curious, so I decided to enter with a friend. I knew there was a self-service restaurant that only local people know, steaks can eat as much as possible, after a long while later. Everyone gathered around the net, I baked my own meat. The thickness and size of the steak is not odd. At the beginning, I thought that one steak could not finish eating. I ordered it, baked myself, and bit it biting. Very, very, I remember what was tasty. It was when I was hungry, but I ate a single sheet and it was a lot full. When I was cold in winter, because it was hungry, I managed to walk downtown to see if there was a restaurant somehow, frozen, though I wondered what it would be, but on the way home I got hungry and drink a lot of beer However, it turned 180 degrees, turned into a cheerful mood, I also forgot about the cold, I went home happily.

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